Praetor Technologies is dedicated to providing smart, cost efficient, effects-based solutions for federal and civil government challenges in national security and related areas.

Praetor provides quality business and government management, information systems management, analysis and planning, and subject matter expert consulting services. We specialize in developing solutions for all aspects of intelligence support, operations planning, and information operations.


Provide intelligent, flexible, cost-effective solutions for Our Nation’s security and interests by developing a business comprised of Veterans and others with unique skills dedicated to quality service.


Provide dedicated, fast, flexible service with quality, effects-based solutions that satisfy our government and corporate clients above and beyond their requests.  Recruit and retain quality, motivated performers by providing a friendly and team camaraderie atmosphere with unique and competitive compensation.

Core Values

Teamwork, Integrity, and Professionalism (at the TIP) defines Praetor Technologies’ foundation and daily compass for business interaction and task performance efforts.


T We work together and closely collaborate to achieve the objectives and goals of our government clients and corporate partners supporting the mission.


I It is the cornerstone of our business and daily performance. Simply stated, doing the right thing, for the right reason, ensuring business endeavors and work performance are conducted ethically, fairly, and professionally.


P Quiet professionals committed to the Team, client, and mission providing and achieving excellence. Making the extra efforts to deliver beyond what is required. Striving to become the “go to man/lady.” Respectfully approaching all with tact and diplomacy.